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A Passion For Building Long-Term Relationships in Her Community

While working in the insurance business in the 1980s, Donna Bellamy discovered her passion: to offer support to families, individuals, and business owners and help them plan for the future and the many milestones of life, from saving for college tuition to retirement planning. In 1986, Donna got securities licensed and never looked back.

Many times, advisors may not tailor their service to a client’s individual needs and financial situation. With the goal of addressing this, Donna takes the time to ask about their needs and goals. In the initial meeting with clients, she focuses on understanding where the client currently is, in terms of finances, and where that client wants to be in the future. From there, Donna can work alongside her clients to develop retirement planning and conservative investment strategies that aim to grow assets without taking a lot of risk.

Born and raised in the greater Chicago area, Donna enjoys working within her community, helping neighbors and clients across the country in several states, including Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Florida, and Wisconsin. Donna works with two of her daughters, Janine Schwark and Lydia Bellamy-Palma. As a family-run firm, the team seeks to build long-term relationships with clients, supporting them through retirement and helping them navigate the complexities of financial markets and investment strategies. Having worked long-term with many of her clients, Donna frequently works with her clients’ children, developing valued generational relationships.